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Ron Rockwell has been illustrating for a long, long time. After getting out of the Navy, he earned his spurs using blue-leaded pencils, pen nibs and vellum, but climbed the wall of technology to the latest in Mac computers and graphic programs. He's been a mailman, an art director, professional photographer, inventor, author (FreeHand 10 FX and Design, The Photoshop Bible [co-author]), screen printer, videographer, technical editor for dozens of books on Photoshop and digital photography. He and his wife, Yvonne. work and live a few miles from the Smoky Mountain National Park in Tennessee with their 4 dogs and, uh, several cats, plus a bird. Living in the woods as they are, wildlife abounds, and they get to enjoy raccoons, opossums, black bears, deer, copperhead and timber rattlers, and more than 20 varieties of birds. When Ron isn't on the keyboard or Cintiq tablet, his fingers are busy on one of his guitars or banjos (I do live in the hills of Tennessee, y'know...).

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